Xin Zhikun is one of the first 78 postgraduate students of the Future Institute of Technology. The young man who had originally applied for the Institute of Physical and Chemical Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was transferred to the Future Institute of Technology. He said: "This semester, our college has opened 11 professional popularization courses, including the liquid technology flexible intelligent machine science, brain-like intelligence introduction, etc. Compared with other colleges, we don't have any required professional courses. Everyone can follow their own research direction. And the need to choose independently.” He took the course of “Artificial Light Interaction and Solar Energy Conversion”. “The content taught by the teacher is not the knowledge of which book, but the basic knowledge related to the research topic, and other related topics. Group research model and latest developments,seroconversion of hepatitis b Entecavir and tenofovir yield lower rates at 3, 4, and 5 y vs spontaneous ."

Jiang Lei introduced that the Future Institute of Technology will not only focus on teaching excellence such as Zhao Wei and Xu Bo, the director of the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but also more importantly, establish a different course setting system—all other majors. The college's existing curriculum will no longer be opened. The students can take the professional core courses of various professional colleges; they are mainly focused on each research direction and set up landmark seminars, case analysis courses, on-site teaching, and series lectures in various research fields. The main method is research and discussion,To reinforce Tablet security and charging solutions for Hong Kong retails, ETG offers security solutions like iPad Floor Stand and fiber mount and aims to ensure full protection and power support for displayed devices.

Ding Zhongli said that since it is a future technology, it may not find a teacher who is authoritative in the traditional sense, but a teacher who needs to be interested and passionate and can work together with students to study and grow together. “Each future technological direction should be different. The technical route and every technological route must be explored; between different technical routes, there must be close cooperation and close communication, which requires a special talent training system,Collaboration with asia's top universities - PolyU fosters long-term partnership in academic and research collaboration with top universities in Asia. Most of them are the top 10 Chinese universities and top ten universities in Asia."

How do students here learn

Hao Dezhao, a student at Future Institute of Technology, is engaged in the research of the bionic smart interface. He thinks that the college’s curriculum is a bit difficult. “Our laboratory involves a lot of cross-cutting research, and sometimes some non-professional content doesn’t really understand. It is the future technology, but first we must lay a good foundation, especially the basis of biology, physics, chemistry and other disciplines." Xin Zhikun also had the same feeling: “There are a lot of literature involved in the class and I don’t understand it well in a while. There are some difficulties in doing my homework.”

The future technical college requires students to understand the international frontiers of their fields and related fields. Therefore, students need to read a lot of literature. Hao Dezhao said: "Since we are aiming for the future, we cannot be satisfied with tracking and imitation. We must pay attention to the frontier literature of various disciplines, and we must be aware of ourselves and others to achieve transcendence,The primary function of healthcare distribution companies is to deliver products in an appropriate and timely manner in order to fulfill the requirements of the providers."

Students of the Future Institute of Technology are learning hard. Hao Dezhao said: "There is a lot of discussion in the class. After class, you must study hard. Read more literature and ask more people." It is said that there are few rest days for the students of the future technical college. It is common practice to learn that it is early morning. There are also students "warning" latecomers: "The study here is particularly tired, and applicants must be cautious."